PlayClaw 6 Build 4850 Portable Full + Crack Download

PlayClaw 6 Build 4850 Crack Boasting about this game boss you killed last night is best when you have video evidence of your conquest. Hardcore players can use applications like PlayClaw, which can provide both snapshots and videos.

Although the software interface is not impressive in the visual department, it is very practical, allowing all the parameters you might want to change from one window. For example, you can change the output directories for the resulting images and videos. In addition, you can start the application when Windows starts, open it with a minimum or show the icon only in the system tray.

The application allows you to change some of the basic capture settings, such as hot keys for starting screen capture, as well as for starting and stopping videos. The encoder can also be selected in the drop-down menu, as well as in the number of FPS (frames per second).

To display the game settings in the game, you must assign a keyboard, which can also be made from the main frame. So, when you want to open the Options menu, while you are in the middle of an important battle in a game, you can do it easily without leaving the window.

The program supports two formats: AVI for video and PNG for images.

As for video capture, you can change the sound source. This tool also supports chat application overlay, such as Teamspeak or Ventrilo; it displays the pseudonyms of people who speak.

The fact is that PlayClaw is a useful tool, especially for gamers. In addition, it is easy to configure and use, and it should not be difficult to identify even less experienced users.


  • Cool overlays:
  • One of the special PlayClaw features is graphics overlay support. These overlays can be seen by you on a game screen while playing a game or/and by your audience in a stream or recording. PlayClaw has a number of pre-installed overlays such as Teamspeak overlay, Webcam with chroma key, Twitch chat, System Information, FPS and more.
  • Online streaming:
  • You can stream your gameplay with PlayClaw to various streaming services such as Twitch, YouTube and others. A webcam feed with chroma key and other different graphics elements can be added to your broadcast.
  • Local video recording:
  • PlayClaw can capture video from graphics applications, games and the Windows desktop. Captured video can be encoded in real time using a hardware accelerated codec H.264/AVC MPEG-4 or with software codecs like a classic MJPEG.
  • High video encoding performance:
  • PlayClaw can use a hardware acceleration in H.264/AVC MPEG-4 codecs. Three technologies are supported — Intel QuickSync, AMD APP and NVidia Encoder.
  • Webcam overlay:
  • You can easily add your webcam feed in video or online streaming. Chroma key effect (green screen) will add a professional look to your video.
  • No capture FPS limit:
  • Set frame rate to any value. 1, 10, 60 or 200fps — doesn’t matter. PlayClaw creates a smooth recording!
  • Sea of audio:
  • PlayClaw supports up to 16 audio sources for video recording and streaming. You can add several microphones to commentate your gameplay, add cover music and more.


  • Windows Aero must be enabled for desktop capture
  • Administrator rights to run software are mandatory

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